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Zoning Hearing Board Decisions 2015
Status of Applications
The table below outlines the current status of applications either heard by or pending before the Upper Merion Township Zoning Hearing Board. The applications are submitted to the township by the owner of the property, equitable owner or tenant.
Applicant Proposed Development Status
Steen Outdoor Advertising
Hansen Access Road, Zoned LI.  Variance to convert existing static billboard to LED billboard. Application withdrawn.
Steen Outdoor Advertising
331 Crooked Lane, Zoned HI. Variance to convert existing static billboard to LED billboard. Application withdrawn.
Lori Lawson
153 Rebel Hill Rd., Zoned R-2.  Variance to construct new single family dwelling. Application approved on April 1, 2015.
300 Goddard Boulevard, Zoned LI.  Variance to erect additional signage. Application approved on May 6, 2015.
Bryn Mawr Landscaping
455 Crooked Lane, Zoned HI.  Special Exception to construct a building within the required buffer. Application approved on April 1, 2015.
Thomas Dolan
798 Croton Rd., Zoned R1-A.  Variance to construct detached garage. Application withdrawn.
Steve Oliver
308 Coates St., Zoned R3.  Variance to allow air BnB. Application withdrawn.
John Woolfolk
330 Sharon Court, Zoned R2.  Variance to construct an addition to encroach into the rear yard setback. Application approved on May 20, 2015.
  James Hagan
567 A. Street, Zoned R3.  Variance to locate accessory structure and encroach setbacks. Application partially approved and partially denied on July 15, 2015.
 160 North Gulph Road. Zoned Shopping Center
variance to allow animated signs.
 Application denied June 17, 2015
     Dante Saldutti, Sr. 
951 Coates Street, Zoned R-3. Special Exception to construct a storage garage.
Application approved on July 15, 2015 
  Charles Anderson 
492 Grove Lane, Zoned R-2. Variance to encroach side & rear yard setbacks.  Application approved on August 19, 2015. 
B. Goodman/Blue Star
 125 West DeKalb Pike, Zoned GC General Commercial. Variance to erect additional signage.  Application denied on September 16, 2015.
      Vinad Chaturved
 658 Forge Springs Way, Zoned R-2. Variance to construct sunroom and encroach setbacks  Application approved on September 2, 2015
 Robert & Tracy Devers
 438 Meadowcroft Road, Zoned R-1A. Variance to reduce the required lot width and area. 
 Application approved on September 2, 2015

John & Carol Messantonio

 414 Walnut Street, Zoned LI. variance to construct detached garage and encroach setbacks. Application approved on September 16, 2015.
Tom & Sue Padilla
1053 croton Road, Zoned R-1A. Variance to exceed building height and location   Application approved on October 21, 2015 
  Chu Phan  
127 Concord Circle, Zoned R-2. Variance to encroach into side yard setback.   Application approved on October 7, 2015 
Yoga Life 
860 E. Swedesford Road, Zoned AR.
Special Exception to allow the use 
Application approved on October 21, 2015 
Sharon Novitski 
418 Hampton Road, Zoned R-2.
Appeal of Zoning Officer's Notice of Violation for no-impact home based business.
Application withdrawn 
        Nabil Elarbi         
213 Hawthorn Rd, Zoned R-2.
Variance to encroach side yard setbacks.
Application approved on November 18, 2015 
Barbara Krasner 
293 Anderson Rd, Zoned R-2.
Special Exception to allow a professional office in the dwelling. 
Application withdrawn 
Offices of Montgomery County  
310 Hughes Rd, Zoned R-1A
Special Exception & Variance to allow communication tower 
Application approved on March 1, 2017
  Robert & Tracy Devers
438 Meadowcroft Road, Zoned R-1A
Variance to encroach into the required side yard setback. 
Application approved on November 18, 2015 
Penelope Helenski 
650 W Street, Zoned R-3 Residential Appeal of Zoning Officer's determination regarding the use of the property. Application denied on August 16, 2017. 
 Paul White
404 Weadley Road, Zoned R-1 Residential. variance to encroach into the required front yard setback  Application approved on February 17, 2016 

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If you have any questions or comments regarding the applications before the Zoning Hearing Board, please contact the Township's Chief Building Official, Mark Zadroga, at (610) 205-8511.