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Citizen Communication
Carla Showell-Lee, Chief Information Officer for Upper Merion Township, leads a team who strive to raise awareness and understanding of community interests and activities, while distributing content through the township’s multi- media outlets. We accomplish that goal through a variety of ways.

Upper Merion's Government Access Channel has provided programming since 1996, and over the years we have produced award winning television shows.  This 24/7 community service channel is found on Verizon (Channel 33) and Comcast  (Channel 22).  UMGA-TV’s Community Bulletin Board enables residents to publicize local events. These productions are enhanced with special graphics and broadcasted multiple times throughout the day. The Board of Supervisors meetings are televised live and rebroadcasted until the next scheduled meeting. UMGA-TV produces several PSA’s and original programs; the longer formatted magazine shows are produced, written, voiced, and edited by the township's television staff or professional consultants.
The township website archives all electronic and print publications. Residents are encouraged to supply content for any of our media outlets and to subscribe to the E-Newsletter by entering an email address under the Quick Links section of the website. Facebook, Twitter, Vimeo, and Instagram icons, placed on the front page of the website, keep our visitors up to speed as we disseminate vital information (even through pictures) to those who electronically receive their news updates.

More ways of communication are expected to be added in 2015-2016. The Upper Merion Township LED Message Board will be located at the intersection of Henderson Road and West Valley Forge Road this summer, enabling the township staff to display timely information. The Public Information Office is looking to install a large internet enabled monitor, called a Public Information Portal, to be mounted on the wall outside Freedom Hall, inside the Township Building.   The information on the monitor will include social media updates, news releases and multi-media content tailored for visitors 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

The Public Information Office is always looking for innovative ways to communicate with township citizens; please share your ideas here because when we know better, we do better!