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Publication Deadlines
The Public Information Office offers a variety of ways to provide its residents, visitors and staff with information that will be helpful in managing their daily lives. This information is provided by the PIO so that everyone can familiarize and benefit from our township publications and more. 

UMGA-TV - Upper Merion's Government Access Television Channel has provided programming since 1996. This 24/7 community service channel is found on Verizon (Channel 33) and Comcast (Channel 22) if you live in Upper Merion Township. Some residents are able to receive it outside of the area. Residents are able to advertise events within their neighborhoods on the channel's community Bulletin Board.  These requests are enhanced with special graphics and broadcasted multiple times throughout the day. The Board of Supervisors meetings are televised LIVE and rebroadcasted until the next scheduled meeting. UMGA-TV produces several original programs. Our longer formatted magazine shows are produced, written, voiced, and edited by the township's TV staff and freelancers. Descriptions of these programs can be found on the website at under “Programming Schedule”. 

Deadline For Submission: Kindly allow at least three weeks prior to the event with an expiration date (when the content can be taken down). Please contact Don Herbert, Television Services Coordinator at .

TOWNSHIP WEBSITE – The township website archives all of our electronic and print publications. The News Flash section on the front page of the website is updated daily. If something is time sensitive, it will be posted immediately. Only four stories can be posted at any given time. The RSS feed allows information to simultaneously air on UMGA-TV through a “crawl” that appears at the bottom of the screen when a program is not being broadcast. 

Please submit content to .  Not all information will be posted.

TOWNSHIP LINES – The Public Information Office produces a quarterly magazine called Township Lines, which is distributed to more than 8,500 residents.  All information supplied is researched, written by the CIO, or edited by a member of the township staff. Residents and staff are encouraged to supply content.  All formatting and printing is outsourced. We aim to deliver the publication on the first day of each season.  For example: (Winter: December, 21)
Deadline For Submission: Two weeks before the end of the month, prior to the month of distribution, no exceptions.

E-NEWSLETTER – This weekly electronic publication is sent to more than 2,150 subscribers who enter an email address under the Quick Links section of the website. 

Deadline for submission: Thursday by Noon

SOCIAL MEDIA – The Township is currently using Facebook and Twitter. These sites help the PIO to disseminate vital, up to date information. Vimeo and Instagram are now being used to implement information visually. 

Deadline For Submission: Can be posted anytime. If we are not currently following you, contact the PIO Team at 

NEWSBOX – This internal electronic monthly publication is for employees only.  It is sent to every township employee who has access to the township email. The tagline is: snapshots of information you can use to assist you in managing your daily life.  A lot of time is put into this publication because when employees know better, they do better. The Public Information Office is always looking for information that will keep employees healthy, happy, and engaged in the community they serve. The PIO also shares information submitted by the employees. 

Deadline For Submission: Around the 15th of each month (note- employees only).  

BOARD OF SUPERVISORS' BUSINESS MEETINGS AND WORKSHOP SUMMARIES - This information is written and supplied by the Public Information Office. It summarizes what was discussed during the Board of Supervisors meeting and workshop.  It is uploaded to the website and deleted once the official minutes are approved by the BOS. 

Deadline For Submission: Posted a week after the meeting and can be found on the township website under government.