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Zoning Hearing Board Decisions 2017
Status of Applications
The table below outlines the current status of applications either heard by or pending before the Upper Merion Township Zoning Hearing Board. The applications are submitted to the township by the owner of the property, equitable owner or tenant.
Applicant Proposed Development Status
Keystone Coke Co.
600 River Road, Zoned HI
Special Exception to allow grading within the floodplain.
Application has been continued.
Montgomery County
310 Hughes Road, Zoned R-1A
Appeal of Zoning Officer's determination regarding the Wireless Communications facility
Application not scheduled.
Comcast PA, LLC
130 Town Square Place, Zoned AG
Variance to install additional building signage
Application withdrawn
Fairmount Athletic Club
499 South Henderson Road, Zoned Limited Industrial. Special Exception to operate a day care. Application approved on  February 15, 2017
DJB Properties
1235 Rebel Hill Road, Zoned R-2.
Variances to construct a new single family dwelling.
Application approved on May 3, 2017
Mr. & Mrs. Fuqua 
814 Petty Lane, Zoned U-R
Variance to encroach into the side yard setback 
Application approved on March 15, 2017 
Mistyann Schram-Miller
156 Gypsy Lane, Zoned R-1 Residential
Special Exception to allow chickens on property 
Application approved on May 3, 2017 
106 Dekalb Inc.
 555 LE Valley Forge Road, Zoned R-2.
Variance to convert SFD into a twin dwelling.
Application approved on May 17, 2017. 
Sullivan's Restaurant
160 North Gulph Road, Zoned Shopping Center
Variance to allow additional signs on the building. 
Application approved on May 3, 2017. 
Workhorse Brewery Co.
250 King Manor Blvd., Zoned Heavy Industrial
Variances & SE to allow brewery, reduce parking 
Application approved on August 16, 2017
Hart Properties, LLC
 239 Rebel Hill Rd, Zoned R-2 Residential
Variances to construct new SFD
 Application denied on July 5, 2017
Max Power Sports
250 King Manor Blvd., Zoned Heavy Industrial
Modification of previous zoning relief 
 Application approved with conditions on June 21, 2017
Chamounix Ventures, LLC
367 S. Henderson Rd., Zoned Limited Industrial
Variance to allow medical marijuana dispensary
 Application approved on May 17, 2017 
Francis Schultz, Jr.
529 Flint Hill Rd, Zoned Limited Industrial
Special Exception to allow indoor recreational use 
Application approved on August 16, 2017 
Cube Smart
510 S. Henderson Rd, Zoned Limited Industrial 
Variance to allow additional signage
Application approved on September 20, 2017 
Extenet Systems, Inc 
450 Keebler Rd, Zoned R-2A
Variance to install new DAS Antenna
Application approved July 19, 2017 
Hampton Inn
530 W. DeKalb Pike, Zoned GC
Variance to install a light band 
Application approved on August 2, 2017 
John R. Samar
116 Ivy Lane, Zoned Commercial Office
Variance to use a multi-family dwelling 
Application denied on September 6, 2017
Storage Partners
550 Allendale Road, Zoned KPMU
Appeal/Variance self-storage use
Application approved on August 2, 2017 
Leo & Beth Vogel
269 Sweetbriar Rd, Zoned UR
Variance to encroach FY setback
Application approved on September 6, 2017
Phila. Red's Baseball, Inc
250 King Manor Drive, Zoned HI
Variance to permit the use 
Application approved on September 20, 2016
Automobili Ltd
378 Crooked Lane, Zoned SM-1
Variance to permit used car sales
Application approved on October 4, 2017
Baldwin-179 Rebel Hill
179 Rebel Hill Rd, Zoned R-2. Variance to disturb steep slopes and encroach front yard setback  Application approved on November 15, 2017 
620 W. DeKalb Pike, Zoned SC
Appeal/Variance to permit add'l signs on building
Application continued until January 17, 2018
Kingdom Fighters
380 Crooked Lane, SM-1
S.E. to allow child day care center
 Application has been withdrawn
GMRI, Inc.
670 W. Dekalb Pike, Zoned SC.
Variance to erect additional building signage 
Application has been withdrawn 
555 Henderson, LP
 555 S. Henderson Rd, Zone LI. Variance to allow indoor recreation & reduce parking  Application approved on December 6, 2017
Helene McElroy
 607 E. Fourth St, Zoned R-3
Variance to allow an 8' Fence
 Application approved on November 15, 2017
 254/348 Tennessee Ave, Zoned R-2
Variance to encroach FY setback/lot area
 Application approved on December 6, 2017
M/M Satterfield
 314 Rees Drive, Zoned U-R
Variance to encroach SY setback
 Application approved on December 6, 2017

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If you have any questions or comments regarding the applications before the Zoning Hearing Board, please contact the Township's Chief Building Official, Mark Zadroga, at (610) 205-8511.