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Volunteers Wanted - How To Volunteer is Easy!
Serving the Community 

A storm breaks out unexpectedly in Upper Merion Township.  Lightning causes a home to catch fire. Cars crash in the blinding rain. People of all ages call for help. What would happen if no one answered the call? Who would respond to protect the lives and property of the community? Who would be there to help?

Every day, in every community, emergency responders answer the call of our families, friends and neighbors who are in need of assistance. From car accidents to heart attacks, from house fires to technical rescues, emergency responders are there to protect lives and property. Emergency responders are a special type of people, with many different reasons for answering the call of duty. Some like the challenges and the adrenaline rush, while others like to sharpen their emergency skills and techniques. Every one of them answers the call so that they can help someone in need. Today’s emergency responders do far more than put out fires or bandage wounds. Emergency responders are the first line of defense in natural and man-made disasters. They respond to vehicle accidents, hazardous materials incidents, specialized rescue situations and a vast array of emergency medical complaints.

The Upper Merion Township Fire and Rescue Services is seeking volunteers to join their departments to serve our community. If you or someone you know is interested  in becoming a volunteer member of the fire department or ambulance squad, please contact William Daywalt, Deputy Fire Marshal at 610-205-8554 or email or click on the below links to one of the Township's emergency services.

  1. King of Prussia Volunteer Fire Company 
    Contact: Chief Jim Gallagher
    Ph: 610-265-1063
  2. Lafayette Ambulance Squad 
    Contact: Chief Pam Forster
    ph: 610-992-0399
  3. Swedeland Volunteer Fire Company
    Contact: Chief Dennis Orangers 
    Ph: 610-275-0177
  4. Swedesburg Volunteer Fire Company 
    Contact: Chief Jerry Ricupido
    Ph: 610-272-9853
The heart of a volunteer is not measured in size but by the depth of their commitment to make a difference in the lives of others.” Please join the many other volunteers who are helping to make a difference in our community, the place we call home.