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Five Easy Ways to Go Green at Home
Bring a Bag
When you go shopping, bring a reusable tote to carry your groceries or other items after making purchases.

Reuse water bottles
Less than 20 percent of plastic water bottles get recycled after a single use, so instead of buying a pack of plastic bottles, drink from the tap or purchase a reusable water bottle and fill it up each time.

Save Electricity
Cut down on electricity by washing clothes in cold water and putting them outside to dry, opening a window and let in the light, and using smaller kitchen appliances when possible.

Reduce gas guzzling
Obeying the speed limit helps reduce unnecessary acceleration, which will save on the amount of gas used and the percentage of carbon dioide produced by your car. Also, keep your tires properly inflated to improve your mileage.

Stop paper bills
Save paper and time! Online statements are available and automatic payments can be set up through the company's site or your bank.