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Business / Mercantile License
License Information
Beginning January 1 and for each tax year thereafter, every person engaged in, desiring to continue to engage in, or desiring hereafter to begin to engage in a business in Upper Merion Township shall make application for one registration for each actual place of business. The business license year is the period from January 1 to December 31, inclusive. The license fee is $25.

License Form

Zoning Review Information Form 

This form is strictly for a New Business applying for a first time application for a Business License and the business will be located in a Residential Zoning District within Upper Merion Township.  This form must be completed and approved by the Upper Merion Township Zoning Official before a Business License can be issued.  This form must be dropped off or mailed to Upper Merion Township with the Safety & Codes Department.

Zoning Review Form