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Mission & Goals
Upper Merion Township Mission Statement
To promote community vitality, economic prosperity and cultural harmony, Upper Merion Township will provide services which are responsive to the health, safety and general welfare needs of the community.

The township government is dedicated to providing these services through the efficient and effective use of the community’s available resources in an honest, open and caring manner.

2018 Goals and Objectives

Timely & Efficient Service Delivery
  • Investigate the merits of SeeClickFix as a citizen action center. Would allow citizens to ask questions, find answers, log service requests, and report issues
  • Electronic submission and workflow of Act 511 tax returns
  • Identify possible shared services with adjacent municipalities
  • Employee Handbook revision
  • Increase the wireless access to the public
  • Educate the public about the library by creating short videos to post to social media
  • The entire permitting process (receipt, data entry, plans review and issuance) has established state-mandated performance criteria.  Commercial permits to be issued within 30 working days and residential within 15 working days.
  • Adoption, by the Board of Supervisors, of an extrapolated Fire and Rescue Services Standard of Cover for all alarm codes, that meets the national standard, NFPA 1720, and meticulously measures our performance in attaining that goal. Take to FRSB before BoS
  • Develop a process to send out satisfaction survey(s) to gauge our policing services
  • Transportation Goal - Add 2 full-time employees. Additional staff members would better enable us to maintain roads during winter operations as well as leaf collection and storm inlet maintenance.
  • Vehicle Maintenance Goal - Provide Part-Time Mechanic to Vehicle Maintenance staff to assist with routine maintenance tasks.
  • Transportation/Parks & Shade Tree Maintenance / Vehicle Maintenance Goal - Install natural gas Emergency Generator. (P/W garage)
  • Parks & Shade Tree Maintenance Goal - Add minimum of 1 full-time employee. Additional staff member would better enable us to maintain parks during the growing season and assist the Transportation Division during winter operations as well as leaf collection.
  • Planning Division Goal - Hire Planning/Engineering Intern. Part-time employee to assist with the administration of Stormwater Permits in light of the additional requirements placed on the Township as part of the MS-4 renewal.
  Strategic Change/Plan
  • Reorganize Certain Departments
  • Department wide succession planning
  • Create a brand/marketing guide to ensure that all marketing material from the library has the same "look & feel"
  • Transition from a Safety and Codes Enforcement Department with a Fire and Rescue Services Division to a Fire and EMS  Department with a Hazard Mitigation Division (Codes Enforcement).
  • After evaluating our response performance to our adopted standards of cover, determine the need for career fire personnel or a change to the adopted standard.
  • P&R Master Plan Implementation (Multi-year process)
  • Success of UMCC Business Memberships, Sponsorships for UMCC|UMPR Programs through Marketing and Community Engagement, Special Events
  • Begin implementation of the recommendations specified in the Upper Merion Township Police Department Personnel Evaluation Five Year Report.

  Problem Solving

  • Increase the use of document management and the sharing of data
  • Offer pop-up computer classes for patrons and staff to learn about technology
  • Evaluate the efficacy of continued multiple citation issuance.
  • Explore the possibility of Wifi in the Parks.
  • Develop a process by where the police department will become engaged in development plans at a very early stage to address potential problems.
  • Complete a Citizen Survey - this has been discussed by the MCAB as a way to gauge the effectiveness of our communications, as well as how our residents want and are receiving information
  • Reevaluate Social Media Policy. Determine whether the policy of not responding on SM is appropriate and worthwhile – Start with MCAB – Check retention policy

 Organizational Change Support

  • Hire an Organizational Change Consultant
  • Consider an employee engagement survey
  • Evaluate the current police districts against proposed development to implement re-districting at the appropriate time to ensure a more even distribution of police resources.

Establish Dept. Analytics Baselines

  • Creation of a database that tracks property maintenance complaints by type and season.
  • Analyze accident data in a more timely fashion to develop selective enforcement strategies that are intended to reduce accidents.
  • Examine five years worth of investigative data to determine criminal trends for future staffing decisions within the investigative division.

Financial Management

  • Complete financial forecasting plan; Long-term operating and capital funding strategy
  • Provide on line Permit submittal/payment
  • Evaluate the Security of the Permits Office (and the Cashier's) Revenue Collection Process
  • Establish new programming, events, rentals, merchandise sales, etc. in order to increase new revenue streams for the department.
  • Repurpose unused/underused square footage to create offices for the growing needs of the police department.
 Sustainability of Service & Community

  • Investigate possibilities of adding solar power to existing township buildings, including adding covered parking w/solar in the back parking lot of township bldg.
  • Possibility of solar panels at both sewer plants
  • Establishing a long-term goal for energy self-sufficiency for township needs.
  • Identify possible public/private partnerships for Moore Irwin House and possible other endeavors
  • Continue document imaging project.
  • Monitor the efficacy of the residential rental inspection program.
  • P&R Department App (Iphone & Android)
  • To create a Community Oriented Policing Unit within the Police Dept.
  • Parks & Shade Tree Maintenance Goal - Complete infrastructure related repairs to the Nor-View Farm property and grounds.
  • Trout Run Goal - When homes are sold inspect premises for illegal sanitary sewer connections.  (i.e. sump pumps / roof leaders)
  • Planning Division Goal - Implement e-submissions and conversion of  Planning Division Documents:  Subdivision/Land Development, Stormwater Grading & Erosion Control, Road Opening etc.