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Mission & Goals
Upper Merion Township Mission Statement
To promote community vitality, economic prosperity and cultural harmony, Upper Merion Township will provide services which are responsive to the health, safety and general welfare needs of the community.

The township government is dedicated to providing these services through the efficient and effective use of the community’s available resources in an honest, open and caring manner.

2016 Goals and Objectives
Organizational Performance Enhancement
  • Finalize implementation of a comprehensive pay for performance system
  • Completion of employee handbook
  • Assist the Township Manager and Assistant Manager in the transition plan for new Library Director
  • Upgrade and update our present website
  • Upgrade our present township building network infrastructure
  • Continue the document management project and continue imaging archiving
  • Analyze time spent assisting IT needs at the community center
  • Finish the imaging of all zoning hearing board files

Enhancement of Community

  • Increase pedestrian/bicycle connectivity and protection/accessibility of green space
  • Bolster (expand) PIO office for purpose of increasing/enhancing communication to residents
  • Conduct a Township Academy
  • Conduct a Police Academy               
  • Review the possibility of solar panels for township building and other UM owned buildings, e.g. swim club, community center
  • Continue with sustainability study/sustainable cities
  • Establish a community garden
  • Create a new township-wide comprehensive plan
  • Establish formal storm water management responsibilities
  • Build community trust through communication
  • Complete and begin implementing Park and Rec master plan
  • Open Space and Recreation Dedication Ordinance
  • SALDO revision                              

Public Safety 

  • Develop and implement a police staffing plan based on current conditions and forecasted development
  • Enhance professional policing services provided by UMPD
  • Purchase and transition to a new radio system
  • Review the third party study regarding fire and rescue services and implement appropriate recommendations          
  Financial Management
  • Maintain status as lowest taxed municipality for residents in 5 county area
  • Analyze cash receipts and control for new recreation facility
  • Analyze cash receipts and controls for community center

 Timely & Efficient Delivery of Services 

  • Evaluate growth impacts on service, finance, staffing and equipment on UMT
  • Update ordinances, delete obsolete organizations (like the one dealing with the no longer providing a health department officer)
  • Meet rising need for information demand
  • Assess adult library programming to determine new programs and to review existing ones
  • Expand library services to families of working parents
  • Economically viable community center
  • Replace corrugated metal storm sewer piping - James Street, N. Prince Frederick St., and emergency repairs not currently budgeted - Weadley Road
  • Replace public works vehicles - Unit 445 and Unit 448
  • Streamline MS4 permit procedures, i.e. site inspections
  • Continue to search for a cost-effective remote wireless inspection documentation program
  • Develop proposal for implementing a rental inspection program
  • Funding for additional staff hours for property maintenance compliance
  • Expand the use of electronic plans submitted and review