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Employer Act 32 - Earned Income Tax (EIT)

The Earned Income Tax Collector for Upper Merion Township is Berkheimer Tax Administrators.

Any questions with regard to Act 32 and Local Earned Income Tax can be directed to Berkheimer Tax Administrators. Website:   Phone: (866) 701-7206.

Additional Information regarding Act 32 and Local Earned Income Tax can be found at: The Department of Community and Economic Development’s homepage website:  Frequently asked questions and additional resources can be found by clicking the extended web address:

Upper Merion Township’s Political Subdivision Code (PSD code) is #461902.  Sometimes refered to as the Municipality Code.

The Earned Income Tax has not been enacted by Upper Merion Township at this time.  Example: An employee BOTH living and working within Upper Merion Township is not responsible for EIT withholding.