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PennDOT Traffic Cameras - District 6-0
Important Note
PennDOT traffic cameras are identified by their location. The label for each camera usually describes which lane on a particular roadway the camera is mounted over, as well as, where the camera is located relative to the nearest intersection. Although a lane is usually referred to by the direction it runs, that does not mean the camera is pointed in that direction. PennDOT maintains control over the cameras and points them in whatever direction they see fit.

To access the links to all the cameras in PennDOT's District 6-0, click the link below:

PennDOT District 6-0 Cameras

To view a map displaying the camera locations, click on the link below.

At the top left of the map window, in the "Zoom to:" drop-down menu, select "Greater Philadelphia Region". Then zoom and move to the desired area of Upper Merion Township. Click on a camera icon to see the video from that location.

Traffic Camera Map