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Snow Removal & Ice Control
About the Snow Management Plan
Upper Merion Township recognizes the importance of snow removal, not only to residents, but to everyone who needs to travel to or through our community. The township utilizes a snow management plan to safely clear all public roads within the township quickly and efficiently. Based on traffic flow, roads are divided into primary (main), secondary (collector and through), and tertiary (dead-end and cul-de-sac) roads.

Our goal is to have all township roads clear within 18-24 hours after snow has stopped falling. With your cooperation, this plan will ensure the best use of time, township resources, equipment, and manpower during snow removal and emergencies. This publication is designed to detail that plan and its regulations, and to guide residents and businesses during a winter storm.

Snow Emergencies

When a snow emergency has been declared, the Township activates its Emergency Operations Center at the Township Building. The center is staffed by Township employees who are in contact with all snow removal crews. They update the list of cleared streets as crews report them plowed.

If you have a question regarding the snow emergency operations, please call the Township's Snow Emergency Desk at 610-279-0313.

If you have an emergency, please dial 9-1-1.

Click "here" to view our Snow Removal and Ice Control manual.

In this manual you will find information on:

  • Beginning to Plow
  • Plowing Streets
  • Primary Roads
  • Shoveling
  • Snow Emergencies