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Board of Community Assistance

Congratulations to the 2016 Board of Community Assistance (BCA) grant recipients!
On May 19, 2016, the Board of Supervisors approved the recommendations of the BCA, which totaled $152,273.64. This year, there were 65 recipients (40 organizations and 25 scholarships, including the General VonSteuben $10,000 scholarship to Kate Wisniewski and the Ronald G. Wagenmann $5,000 scholarship to Woonyong Bae.  All of the recipients will be acknowledged at a ceremony at the Radisson later this month.  For a printable copy of the complete list, please click here.


The Board of Community Assistance (BCA) was established by the Board of Supervisors and Valley Forge Casino Resort to provide grants to organizations that serve Upper Merion residents and to award scholarships for high school seniors from Upper Merion Township who will continue their education. All applications are reviewed, discussed and chosen based on their proposed need. Over the years, the BCA has provided greater community participation and input into local government. Last year, more than $145,000 was granted to 68 recipients: 38 community organizations and 30 scholarships.

BCA Info

In addition, the BCA will continue to award the General Von Steuben $10,000 scholarship to one high school senior, as well as the Ronald G. Wagenmann $5,000 student scholarship. In order to be eligible for any BCA Student Scholarship, the student must be a graduating senior who lives in Upper Merion Township.

The 501 (c) Organization and Agency form fillable application can be found here.

The Student Scholarship form fillable application can be found here.

Once the application(s) is filled, please email it to Angela Caramenico, Assistant to Township Manager or mail to:

                    Board of Community Assistance
                    c/o Office of the Township Manager
                    Upper Merion Township
                    175 West Valley Forge Road
                    King of Prussia, PA  19406


  • Michael Bowman, Chairperson
  • Lydia Dan Sardinas, Vice Chairperson
  • Scott Milner, Member
  • Ira Lubert, VFCR Member   
  • Judith Vicchio, Member
  • Greg Waks, Supervisor Liaison

    Purpose of the BCA
  • To advise the Board of Supervisors for the disbursement of all monies received by the Township from the Valley Forge Casino Resort (VFCR) for the purpose of assisting non-profit and/or 501 (c) organizations and college scholarship recipients. All monies received for disbursement from other sources will be considered in the same manner as set forth in the policy.
  • To make an annual report to the Board of Supervisors including all monies received and the disbursement of these monies to non-profit and 501 (c)  organizations proven to meet the need as established by the Board of Supervisors.
  • To offer all non-profit and/or 501 (c) organizations in the Township the ability to appeal to the BCA for consideration in a time of need.
  • To enhance the partnership between VFCR and Upper Merion Township to offer charitable assistance and support to the needy non-profits and 501 (c) organizations in the Township.

Membership and Term of the BCA

Membership will consist of five (5) members; two (2) chosen by the VFCR and three (3) Township citizens appointed by the Board of Supervisors.  There will be no set terms for the VFCR appointees and will serve on the BCA at the pleasure of the VFCR.  Terms of the Township appointees will be as follows:  one (1) will serve a one-year term; one (1) will serve a two-year term; and one (1) will serve a three-year term.  A chairperson will be selected from the membership of the BCA during January of each year at its re-organization meeting. The staff liaison to the BCA is the Township Manager or his designee.

Meeting Schedule

The BCA will meet a minimum of every other month and will meet more frequently as necessary to evaluate cases of need.

Membership Eligibility

Township citizens desiring to apply to serve on the BCA shall possess:

  • Knowledge of the 501 (c) organizations as per the United States Internal Revenue Code.
  • Some knowledge and understanding of  the  history, mission services, operations and activities of non-profit and/or 501 (c) organizations in areas of Cultural, Arts and Humanities Organizations; Education and College Scholarship criteria; Health and Wellness organizations; Historic Preservation; Workforce Development/Economic Opportunity, Environmental Sustainability.
  • Be familiar or have a working knowledge of the proposed beneficiaries of the program.
  • Be familiar with the Rules of Law and Ethics.
  • Knowledge of Finance and Experience with disbursement of monies.

The full context of Board Policy No. 2014-37, adopted by the Board of Supervisors on November 13, 2014 can be found here.